Imaginary Craigslist Shopping, Anyone?

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July! I am back in DC for a hot minute before leaving for Haven – a 3 day home DIY blog conference in Atlanta – on Thursday. I took a bit of a leap of faith and registered WELL in advance of starting this blog. So, maybe more that I set a date on which I would leap and hoped I would get my act together in time. Either way, my blog exists! Hooray!

Today I thought I would share the fruits of my daily Craigslist trolling. I have a bunch of things I search for most days juuuust in case. In case of what? In case a wicker scroll queen headboard pops up down the street for $25? A gal can dream.

So without further ado, today’s winners:

 Mid century modern chair – $40


Here is a sweet little desk chair for you. It looks like it would be pretty easy to reupholster the seat yourself with some batting, fabric and a staple gun. I’d go with a colored pattern on white – maybe yellow stripes. Or go nuts with something like Schumacher’s Chiang Mai. More expensive than the chair by a long shot but it would be a pretty cool statement.

Bentwood Rocking Chair – $45

rocking chair

Maybe paint the frame white and leave the cane natural and put it in a nursery or a kid’s room?  Leave the wood alone and out it on a porch? I am going to assume there is a good reason it is $45 and not $5,550 like this one on 1st Dibs. If not, probably best to leave it unpainted just in case…

Rowe Sectional Sofa – $220 – Four pieces, one not shown.


An oddball, yes. Roughly half a bazillion dollars to reupholster? Probably, but $220 for a four piece sectional is a steal, so you still come out ahead. If you have the space, it is a pretty dope couch and the existing upholstery isn’t bad. I like the green. Besides, if it doesn’t work out, those are a whole bunch of original brass tipped feet that you could put on eBay (I have seen lots of sets of 4 for ~$40). If our house and that couch were not roughly the same square footage, it would absolutely be in the running to replace our remarkably adequate white Ektorp.

Pair of 84 inch tall vintage Henredon brass trimmed cabinets – $195 each

cabinets inside

These are pretty formal, but I love the look. They are 18 inches deep and could work on either side of a desk in a study or flanking a fireplace or windows in a living room. I have never seen a man’s walk in dressing room in person – do they actually exist in real life or just magazines? – but I could imagine these being in one of those. My white campaign desk would look awfully cute between these dudes. Now that I am thinking about that, I sort of regret sharing these.

Wicker Rattan Corner Shelf Unit 3 Tier Display Stand 5ft Tall – $190


I know. Grandma city. BUT ever since I laid eyes on the Serena & Lily Peacock Scroll mirror, I have been slightly obsessed with scrolled wicker like that. If I had a guest room or, you know, any extra space, this bad gal would get a few coats of glossy kelly green or white, if it turns out that my imaginary guest room is the perfect – and elusive – green room (which, incidentally, our kitchen was NOT), and let her grace a corner with some pretty things on it. Or a bathroom. She would look suuuuper cute in a bathroom. See? A totally versatile piece of furniture.

So, those are some of the random things that struck my fancy today.




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